Reviews of Platypus fountain pens

Quokkas take the Form and Function category of Mick L’s 2022 best pens!

Form and Function, I chose these!

Mick L’s My 2022 Pen of the Year

Note that the Quokkas are not the overall winner, that was the Gravitas Pens Black Delrin pen. Congratulations to Gravitas!

The first Quokka review

I really enjoy them!

Mick L’s YouTube Introduction and Review of the Quokkas, Model 1 and Model 10

Michael Lampard is the first reviewer to have the Quokkas. He likes them.

In this review he speaks of my plans to make the pens eyedropperable. I have set those plans aside for the moment.

Model 10 pattern 2 in alpha brass and bronze

What don’t I like so much?…It’s really hard to nit-pick. Really difficult to nit-pick. I’m racking my brain to come up with some negatives. But then I think, why should I?

Doug Rathbun’s review of Model 10 pattern 2 in alpha brass and bronze: 3D Printed Platypus Model 10 Fountain Pen Unboxing and Review 2022

Are 3D Printed Pens Any Good? [Yes!]

There’s just something tactile to it…
It feels really nice in the hand; just the texture, the warmth… you’ve just got to pick it up and feel it…

Doodlebud’s engineering review of the terracotta platypus (including the infamous Aussiebud accent, the embarrassing “mishap”, and the disadvantages that come with the terracotta filament): Are 3D Printed Pens Any Good? | Platypus Pens

Doodlebud playing with his pens

Michael Lampard pushed me to start selling terracotta pens

Just a really, really great pen!

Michael Lampard reviewed a prototype of the terracotta platypus (Model 10 pattern 4 in terracotta and alpha brass) on his Mick L YouTube channel: Platypus Pens Model 10 Terracotta Musings

Michael Lampard’s review of Model 10 pattern 2

a really pleasurable and fun writing experience. … I think it’s a great pen.

The ballasted roll-stop makes a huge difference, says Mick L. A (3D) Printed Pen! Platypus Pens Model 10 Foubntain Pen Review

Customer reviews

Nice thorough review. I VERY recently received a Model I pattern 3 and am absolutely fascinated. Price is right and value is extraordinary. If you are reading this and are on the fence, make your move. You will not regret it. (Response by “donbrownist ” to Mick L’s YouTube review of Model 10 pattern 2)

I have a Model 1. It is one of the best all around pens I have from a design standpoint. Platypus definitely has something to say, and completely understands materials and elements of design. Cons are pretty picayune, but the review was pretty thorough. If you hadn’t reviewed this I would have! (Response by “Michael Dunn ” to Mick L’s YouTube review of Model 10 pattern 2)

Doodlebud’s top 5 of 2021 honourable mention

I use this thing so much. It just writes all the time, really super smooth, I really enjoy the pen.

Model 1 pattern 1 in copper and white gains an honourable mention in Doodlebud’s top 5 fountain pens of 2021.

Top 5 BEST And WORST Pens Of 2021 on Doodlebud’s YouTube channel

Doug Rathbun likes his Model 1 pen and then gives it away!

A beautifully balanced and eye-catching fountain pen… I’m very impressed with this pen.

If he liked it so much, then why did he give it away? GIVEAWAY! FREE PEN! 2021 Platypus 3D-Printed Fountain Pen Review

Customer review

So I got my Model 10 in JOWO Broad. Pattern 2 ( like a basket weave) , Alpha Brass and Bronze color. I love it. The pen has a great texture; Michael Lew the creator tuned the nib perfectly. It is perhaps my best writing nib. I have looked for every excuse to write with it today! … The pen looks and feels beautiful like you said. I think he is onto something and am sure he will expand his line. The pen is also a conversation piece. (Response by “MrCabimero” to Doug Rathbun’s review of the Model 1)

Doodlebud’s review of the Platypus Model 1

So unique it’s in it’s own category. … I actually like it!

An in depth analysis of the engineering and design of a Platypus Model 1. Engineering Take On 3D Printed Pen